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Pidgeon, Pidgeon, Pidgeon, Pidgeon, MUSIC, MUSIC... - Abadoss' Mind
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Mon, Jun. 13th, 2005 08:26 am
Pidgeon, Pidgeon, Pidgeon, Pidgeon, MUSIC, MUSIC...

Yesterday was fun. I went with Stephanie, Tracy, and Stephanie's friend Matt to the Metropolitan Youth Symphony concert. It was pretty good. There was this awesome Trumpet player who really did an exceedingly good job as the soloist on The Carnival of Venice. As soon as I'm in a place to get the name, I'll put it in. One of the pieces that was performed was a studnet composition. The composition wasn't too bad, but I think it might have been a mistake to let the composer conduct. He was flailing all over the place, accented every beat except one, and had even more movement in his hips and knees than he did with his baton. Needless to say, very sloppy conducting. Of course, his conducting style, as distracting as it was, didn't take too much away from the quality of his piece.

Later that evening, Stephanie and I went over to John's house and watched X-Men 2. That was the first time I've been to his place and I must say that it's rather nice. It's small, but it works really well. Anyway, after the movie, we ended up talking for a while before heading back.

Also, last night, I finished a new song, which is now up on my SoundClick site. Recently, I've been going back into my Untitled folder, where I store all the pieces that I've been working on that don't have names, and completing them. The last three I've done are like that.

Oh, I nearly forgot... Saturday, my Ornithology class took a walk up Mt. Tabor. I'd only been up towards the resevoir, but never seen the park area. It pretty nice up there. I might have to start going up there more often. That same day, we also had to dissect pidgeons. That was not a particularly pleasant experience. I wouldn't have minded as much if the smell hadn't stayed on my hands. It was kind of funny, in the sense that we were in pairs and I was trying to be precise and not damage any tissue and my partner, a DCP woman, had no problem just tearing things open. I was definitely impressed.

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Current Music: "Faith by Trial" -Kenneth Edward Keyn