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The Master and His Pupil - Abadoss' Mind — LiveJournal
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Fri, Jun. 10th, 2005 02:19 am
The Master and His Pupil

A master and his student wait for the morning opening at the city gates. Ishu is old and grey, with long white whiskers and a dull grey beard. Wusun is young and vibratant, full of life and energy. It is a while until dawn and the two sit , discussing a new lesson for the day.

Ishu: "It was once said that souls find their way to meet similiar souls."
Wuzun: "Who said that?"
Ishu: "No one remembers anymore. It has long since been forgotten."
Wuzun: "It seems a great shame for such words to be remembered apart from those that spoke them."
Ishu: "Wusun, there is wisdom in what you have said. However, the words of those who spoke so long ago still belong to those that spoke them, even when their names have been forgotten, so they are still remembered."
Wuzun: "I would be reluctant to forget a name of someone with such insight. It would be like forgetting my mother's name!"
Ishu: "Perhaps, but not all men respect their mothers."
Wuzun: "They are fools, then!"
Ishu: "Are they?"
Wuzun: "What do you mean?"
Ishu: "Are they foolish for not valuing what we have placed value on?"
Wuzun: "Yes, of course!"
Ishu: "Maybe you should look at it another way. Take, for example, someone who does not believe in the existance of the soul or who finds the idea of a soul offensive. Without arguing the reasons for either, would a person like that value a quotation concerning souls?"
Wuzun: "I suppose not."
Ishu: "Then, there is little value in what was said for that person and those whose spoke the words would have no value. Is that not correct?"
Wuzun: "It is, but we've only reached this conclusion by inventing a scenario and limiting the causality."
Ishu: "True. Perhaps if we test another idea."
Wuzun: "What idea would that be?"
Ishu: "What would be the response of someone who has found anyone of a similiar soul?"
Wuzun: "I imagine that person could take it as a sign of hope, that they'll eventually find someone."
Ishu: "Optimistically, maybe. Unfortunately, few people share your optimism. What might another response be?"
Wuzun: "If the positive response is hope, then the negative response is despair."
Ishu: "Correct. Even if a person does believe in the soul and does not find the idea offensive, there's still a possibility that such a statement might evoke something other than respect for the originator."
Wuzun: "A person in despair is unlikely to appreciate the statement due to that person's point of view."
Ishu: "Once again, you are correct. More importantly, you have come across a more widely applicable concept."
Wuzun: "What's that?"
Ishu: "Point of view."
Wuzun: "How is this applicable?"
Ishu: "If you consider that ever person will respond differently, even if given the same stimulus, because of their personal background."
Wuzun: "I can agree with that, but I'm not sure how that helps much."
Ishu: "If you are aware that someone's background can affect how they perceive things, it's then possible to understand that person's responses well enough to make a statement and be remembered for it."
Wuzun: "That sounds like it would be a great deal of work to try and learn about everyone's background."
Ishu: "I would say it is, but it's necessary in order to have any successful relationships with anyone."
Wuzun: "How so?"
Ishu: "Any relationship requires that both sides are equally balanced in order to maintain itself."
Wuzun: "How is it then that so many relationships I see, that seem to be successful, are mainly one-way?"
Ishu: "Greed is not limited to money or possessions. It can also be manifest in captivaing relationships, with little regard for the other person."
Wuzun: "How sad that this is true."
Ishu: "It is indeed. Now, learning to see the point of view of someone else can be crucial to developing anything. Without it, the potential for a one-way relationship is very strong."
Wuzun: "What of those that are able to see another's point of view?"
Ishu: "They're usually the ones who are remembered."

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