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To My Future Wife...

Dearest Love,

There's a great deal going on in my mind right now. A lot of it is about you. It feels like we've been playing a game of hide-and-go-seek, but neither of us know who's it. As I wait for you, I feel a coldness in my face. I feel the absence of your touch and the warmth of your hand. I long for the fire of your soul that brings comfort to my tired and weary mind. Even in our parted distance, that fire keeps me alive.

I want you to know that I'm still here, waiting. I'm still looking for you and anticipating your arrival in my life. I am working on preparing a home for you in my life. It's not ready yet, but I know that when we find each other, it will be. I will make sure that it will be.

Please know that, while I despirately want you in my life right now, I know the importance of not being hasty. I wish that you could be swift in arrival, but I would not have you sacrifice what God has in store for you elsewhere for this season. He is a much better guide than I could ever hope to be, so follow His guidance and He'll lead you here when the time is right. He will bring great joy and wisdom into your life.

I love you so much and I miss you, even though we've not yet met. Please be safe and listen to what God has to say to you. You are a blessing in everything you are. Take care and I look forward to when I can hold you in my arms and look into your eyes. God bless.

Your future husband,
Kenneth Keyn
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