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Schedules Set to Stun... - Abadoss' Mind
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Sun, Jun. 5th, 2005 12:52 pm
Schedules Set to Stun...

Okay, a lot has been happening the last couple days. It's mostly been just having thing after thing that I've needed or scheduled to do.

Friday, I worked with Jim on a project for IS, helped Troy move a bunch of stuff from my mom's house, and hung out with Stephanie.

The IS project I worked on was going through every single computer on campus, making sure they were accurate in the logs and that they were updated with the latest AntiVirus and Spybot updates. We did the bulk of the job last week, but we finished up a lot of them on Friday.

Saturday was crazy. For my Ornithology class, we had to go down to Tillamook to watch birds at the coast. It was cool, but long and tiring. Immediately upon return, I had to rush over to the Starlight Parade, where a bunch of my friends were supporting friends in the Army Band. By the way, good job Rob, Loren, John, and James! Anyway, it was fun, but also long. Although, I prefer that long to the Tillamook long, since I was hanging out with friends instead of birds.

Also, while I couldn't personally attend, there were other things that happened on Saturday. First off, congratulations to Charity on getting married! Secondly, congratulations ACMA Class of 2005!

Anyway, that was the last two days. Today, Jeremy is deadset on cleaning the apartment. That means, he's got the music up loud with Third Day, Petra, (and, hopefully, not country) etc... Needless to say, I'm getting a bit of sensory overload, so I'm going to either have to stay in my room (which isn't much of a defense) or go somewhere else. Unfortunately, I don't really have anywhere else to go right now. Mom's probably at church and so would Troy be. I don't have my ID card, so I can't go into the computer lab or the SUB. I don't think I can get into a practice room, right now, seeing as how there's a church using the building. And finally, I don't have a car or a license, so I can't just drive somewhere. So, if you need to find me, I'll be in my room, covering my ears or stuffing makeshift earplugs in them.

Current Mood: irritated irritated
Current Music: "..." -Jeremy's Petra CD blasting in the living room...