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Words to the Three - Abadoss' Mind
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Fri, Apr. 22nd, 2005 10:40 pm
Words to the Three

The blood of kings and lords flow in my veins. A glorious history and legendry past, an ancestory of nobility. Yet, a link hangs loose from your warlike maile! A blemish in a perfect chain! Oh, woe be to that imperfection, for it might undo it all! But, who is this marred creature that hangs so precariously from such solid structure? It is I! I have broken the link to my past and I have held myself apart from it. Oh, woe to me. Yet, my imperfection is not unlike the rest. For I now see such faults in it all. My ancestors carry my curse and have passed it on to me! I may not have known, but I accepted it and have suffered its consequences through my responsibility to it. I am not an imperfection, but have chosen wisely to hang so freely, for if an enemy blow should shake me from it, I would find solace knowing I can define my own fate. Yet, I am the product of my past. Perhaps, I can be the one that set my past right. Perhaps, I can reconcile within myself. Perhaps, the curse can be broken. Perhaps, I've already broken it. Perhaps...

Fleeting and unsettled. In motion always. Never a grain grasped in time. Too attached to the past and too wary of the future, you've lost touch with yourself. You live everywhere but in yourself. Stay still and take rest. Be comforted by the knowledge that you are where you need to be. Find peace in the love you find here. Find joy in the strength you have. You may be doomed to be forever in transition, but be glad for you are not where you once were. You are growing and moving and becoming more yourself every day. Rejoice in what God has given you. Let go of the past! Let the future find itself! You are the present! Live and be happy! Be thankful for your gifts! Be thankful for where you are! Be thankful for all that's around you! And praise God for His endless mercy and abundant grace!

You are shrouded by possibility. You are veiled to me. I feel your movements and I see your tracks, but I catch you not in my vision. Your eyes are watching me, guiding me to some purpose, yet untold. Black and dark, yet to be created. Formless and void, a shadow of time. You call to me in foreign tongues, yet my spirit responds, "I hear you and I feel your calling! I will come!" Silent and cautious you approach to reveal some hidden thought, then fly away once more into the shadows. The darkness is pregnant with ideas waiting to be birthed, waiting to take shape and form. I feel for your presence and find false images that flood my mind, only to be smashed when you sweep the stars aside. Oh, that a compass were strong enough to point my way, but it finds nothing in the dark. Round it turns as the hands of a clock, passing away the hours, seconds at a time. A faint glimmer in the distance and I know my way. Though quickly it is exstinguished and I must feel my way again. Find me! Find me! Reveal yourself to me! Find me! Find me! The echo of my dreams, bouncing off the dark, fills my head with song. They are songs of night and day. They are songs of heaven and hell. They are songs of great deeds and miserable failures. They are songs of strength and weakness, love and hate, violence and peace. They haunt me so! Yet silent is all around me. A silence to noisy for me.

Current Mood: contemplative contemplative
Current Music: "Exultate, Jubilate" -Amanda Pifer