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Contentment and the Life of an Artist - Abadoss' Mind — LiveJournal
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Thu, Apr. 21st, 2005 09:06 pm
Contentment and the Life of an Artist

It's not really that I haven't ever identified with this, but I suppose that I've just been able to clarify it a little more for myself. I think that I've found something that I am able to be content in. I feel confident in my life as an artist. I am content with exploring art in a variety of ways. It's not that I'm more skilled that others, but it's just that I know that I have a calling to it and I have the passion necessary to an artist. Whether it be through music, poetry, drawing, acting, etc., I can do art.

Granted, I'm not content to stay idle with my art, but I'm comfortable with the thought of living my life this way.

Anyway, the Rocinante reading was tonight. I read two of my poems that have been published. In total, I have three poems in it (all are poems that are located in previous entries, here on LiveJournal).

Tomorrow, I have the Composer's Friday Arts and the second weekend of The Bourgeois Gentleman. Saturday, I have the last two performances of the play, in the afternoon and evening, and I'm going to go with mom grocery shopping for my apartment in the morning. Sunday, I have the Fauré Requiem concert. It's looking to be a packed weekend for me. Then I get to breathe a bit next week, but I'm sure strike for the play will be sometime during that week.

On that Tuesday, I have my final for Functional Keyboarding, which I'm a little concerned about. Thursday, the Music Department is hosting a Piano Concerto night, with a little preshow entertainment (including a performance of "I Got Plenty o'Nuttin" by me).

So, I'm keeping plenty busy with things to do...

And on another note, Happy Birthday Spencer!

Current Mood: tired tired
Current Music: "An Die Musik" -Franz Schubert