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Choir Tour and Dominating Thoughts - Abadoss' Mind — LiveJournal
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Tue, Mar. 22nd, 2005 11:13 am
Choir Tour and Dominating Thoughts

Well, I'm back from choir tour and I'm pretty exhausted. I'm pleased that my Kyrie made it's world debut on the trip. It was a good trip, but I left it a little bit too much on my mind. In particular, I spent the trip far more to myself than maybe I should've. Also, through the majority of the trip there was a single question that predominated my thoughts: Would I be able to live without ever getting married or having a girlfriend?

If you've taken the time to go through my past journal entries, or if you been here as I've written them, you'd know that that's a really big thing for me. Before I had answered this question with a flat out no, but this time it wasn't so easy to say so. I know that I have a great desire to be married one day, but at the same time, if it turns out that God's will is for me not to be, I need to be able to submit to that. I certainly don't want to be without, but I want to honor God. So, while I could easily say no before, I can't say either now.

It's going to be a long week. Everyone's pretty much gone and my only major task is completing the music for the play... and my mass. I'm going to have a lot of time where I'm not going to be able to escape myself. At the very least, I want to come out of this week having learned something, instead of just getting depressed.

God, I need your guidance. Please help me.

Current Mood: discontent discontent
Current Music: "Shepards Do It Best" -Katie Griggs and Kenneth Keyn