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In Today's Headlines...

Just went to the bank to deposit my less than extrodinary paycheck from last month, so I could at least put a fairly large chunk into my phone bill. I know I've said it before, but I really hate finances. Or rather, I hate the lack of finances.

In other news, I'll be taking off for my choir's Spring Tour. We'll be going up into Washington around the Seattle area and doing various concerts around there. Then, once we come back, it'll be Spring Break and I'll get to work furiously on music for the play. Also, during that time, I'm going to have to figure out when I'm going to do dishes and finish my application for food stamps (I really need them).

Tomorrow is St. Patty's Day, so I'll be wearing green like I do every other day.

The left side of my neck has been really sore the last two days. I think I might be sleeping on it wrong, but it's starting to get annoying because I can't move my neck over to the left side without it hurting.

No worries, I suppose...
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