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Is there anything wrong with wanting people to respect the customs of my home? Is asking people to knock before entering such a bad thing? I asking that people not enter the house when no one is there a horrible travesty?

I'm starting to get very annoyed by people that have no respect for how I view manners concerning guests. I feel very walked all over right now.

I had the apartment to myself this evening, so I sat down to watch a movie. Loren (who, thankfully, is now aware of a few of my customs) then comes over, so I open the door and let him come over. Next comes a mass of people who are then sitting around me as I'm watching the movie talking and being social with each other. In the meantime they're wanting to use the place for Randall's birthday party. I finally manage to get them to go else where by saying that I'm going to bed early (which was partly the truth, since I really was feeling drained and tired by all of this). Once they took off, I made myself dinner, watched a little bit of television, and went to my room to work on some music.

I'm thinking the ordeal done and over, but how wrong I am. They're all back (because Jeremy is back from work now) and making all kinds of noise and they have the stereo on.


And why the hell do I always end up the asshole when I want people to respect me in my own home?!?! GAH!!!
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