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A Happy 20th

Today/yesterday was my 20th birthday. The festivities included going to Todai for sushi and Fox Tower to see "House of the Flying Daggers". I had invited several select people (though most couldn't make it because of work or being out of town), of whom Bridget, Tyler, and Alex showed. Sean tried to get a hold of me because he did know where to meet up, but I didn't learn of this until tonight. I also couldn't get a hold of Donovan, who had expressed interest, but did know where we would be meeting, either.

The people I invited were people that I felt had been mentally, emotionally, physically, and/or spiritually supportive or influential in a significant way over the last year. The full list in people I invited (because I think they deserve credit) are as follows (also in order of when I asked): Bridget, Tyler & Alex, Stephanie, Donovan & Emily, Liisa, Sean, Amanda, and Tiffany. I also meant to invite Isabeau, but I never ran into her.

The first thing we did was have tea at my mom's house. Troy made his usual perfect blend, which Tyler (who had recently returned from Oxford) seemed very pleased with. I also ended up opening presents, among which was a present from Bridget. I wasn't expecting her to get anything, so I was surprised. It was sweet of her. The presents were: a bunch of toiletries (like shampoo, scrubbers, toothpaste, etc.), a beard trimmer, and a bottle of cologne; chocolate covered fortune cookies (from Bridget); and a pair of BDUs. I think I'm pretty content with what I got.

Sushi was fairly good, but they ran out of Inari before we got there and the restaurant closed after we left. The chopsticks were a little strange and didn't really fit my hand very well. They were more of a rectangle rather than the normal round stick. It was fairly strange working with it. Tyler seemed to be quite the brave one and was trying most of the stuff I usually avoid. Bridget also was a pretty good sport about it and was willing to try a couple things that Tyler pointed out. It was fun, though. We had a lot of enjoyable conversation.

After Todai, Bridget had to take off. We met up with Alex, who had just gotten off work. We still ahd a little time before the movie started, so I went up to EBX and found a used copy of "Enter the Matrix" for XBox for only $10, so I got it. We then went down to Fox Tower to see the movie.

Personally, I think it was an excellent movie. It's clearly not a movie geared towards an American audience, but rather a work of Chinese art. Films like "House of the Flying Daggers", "Hero", and "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" are not meant to be entertainment (especially not for an American audience), but it's meant to be artful and a setting of traditional Chinese storytelling. All three are very beautiful pieces of art. So, if you liked the other two movies I mentioned, you would definitely like "House of the Flying Daggers". (Though, you would probably be pretty confused by the plotline, at least the first time you see it)

After that, Tyler and Alex waited to meet up with someone else and mom, Troy, Martina, and I went back to my mom's house where we watched "I, Robot". Not too bad, but, as Troy put it, it was the culmination of whole lot of other films. Still entertaining, though.

Came back, played a little "Enter the Matrix" and I'm now thinking I should go to bed. Not too bad of a day, I'd say...
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