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Merry Christmas!

It's Christmas once again. 'Tis my favorite holiday, but it's usually surrounded by stress. No matter, it's still a good time. As is tradition, here's what I got this year:

A pair of miniture samurai swords (actual stainless steel)
2 scarves *
A hat *
A fortune cookie sayings book
A big thing of fortune cookies
A pair of very nice chopsticks
A notebook of staff paper *
A pair of socks
A knockoff version of Sting (from something like the Lord of the Swords or something like that)
A packet of Kleenex
A Twin Dragon sword

* IOUs on one of the scarves, the hat, and the notebook of staff paper

The knockoff Sting and the packet of Kleenex were wrapped and given together just in case the Twin Dragon sword wasn't there yet. However, it did arrive and so they hid it in my brothers room until I'd opened the first one. So, I now have my first real sword (which is actually two swords in one), which will be the first of many. Now that I'm in the apartments, I can have live blades, so I'm thinking it's time to start stockpiling. :P

I also sat down today and rearranged "O Come, O Come Emmanuel", which is normally in 4/4, into 6/8. I must say that I'm rather proud of it. Anyway, have a Merry Christmas everyone and God bless!

Also, Happy Birthday to carlynnann and fnf_anya!
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