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What Do You Think? - Abadoss' Mind
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Tue, Dec. 7th, 2004 10:20 pm
What Do You Think?

I'm often looking for outside perspective when it comes to my life. I only have so much that I can see of myself and what I do see is seen through my own subjectivity. That's why I value what other have to say about me (regardless of whether it's positive or negative) because I can use it to better understand where I'm at. So, what I'm asking is that you fill out this poll honestly. I'm the only one who'll see it, so please don't hold back. Thanks.

Poll #399416 What Do You Think?

Honestly, what do you think of me? What do you think I need to improve upon?

(This is for if you ran out of characters on the last space)

In what areas do you think I'm doing well? Or what good qualities do you think I have?

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Fri, Dec. 10th, 2004 08:05 am (UTC)

Although I understand your reasonings for asking the questions you are, I honestly don't think it is my place to tell you the answers to your questions. Are you going to constantly live up to everyone else's standards? You're opening yourself up for some major pain and I honestly don't think that you deserve or even need that right now. Kenny, you are who you are. You are unique and no matter what anyone says, your quirks make you who you are. Honestly I don't think that I would want to see you any differently.

Kenneth Edward Keyn
Fri, Dec. 10th, 2004 07:17 pm (UTC)

I generally don't live by the standards of others. However, my intention behind doing this is that I want a wholistic view of my life (something that I'm not always afforded) so that I can better interpret myself and learn to function in life and I need outside perspective in order to get that. It's been said to be wary when all men speak well of you. No one tells me what I need to improve about myself. I only hear the good things and when I do hear bad things it's about my skill in a certain area and not me as a person. I want to know where I lack or else I have no chance for improvement. I don't want myself to become stuck in one place. My being is meant to grow and I want to seek that.

I know that I have a quizical way of going about things and I often open up the wrong can of worms (so to speak), but this is something I need. I need to know that I can be better. I need to hold myself accountable to that. I'm not so masochistic that I would do this if I weren't able to get anything out of it.

I do, however, appreciate your concern and willingness to call me on it.

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