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J.S. Bach Was a Rebel?

I wonder what J.S. Bach would say about music today if he were still alive. I wonder if he would listen and say, "Hmm... haven't tried that." Or would he say, "Oh, my Lord save me! What have you done to it?!" Would J.S. Bach dress like a goth? Would he dawn tight leather pants and a cut up t-shirt and slick his hair back and go to raves? Or would he look around at everyone and think they were going to hell for the way they dressed?

This isn't to say that his values should be the standard of how life should be lived, but I'm curious as to what some of the greatest minds in history would have to say about our generation. Would they be able to look beyond all the crap in our lives and see the potential in us? Are we living our lives in such a way that prior generations would be proud of what we have accomplished and what we make of ourselves?

Then again, did J.S. Bach's generation feel the same way? Was his generation radical for his time? Was J.S Bach a rebel in his youth? Did he go around egging churches and letting out the neighbors' cats as a child? Did he experiment with the funky mushrooms growing behind his organ? How would we ever know?

After all, how relevent could some pasty old white guy who died 254 years ago be?
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