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What Do I Believe? Part 2... - Abadoss' Mind
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Fri, Dec. 3rd, 2004 03:20 pm
What Do I Believe? Part 2...

Just as a recap... The items which I've discussed already, I'll put in italics and the items that I have not yet discussed will be in bold...

"Cogito ergo sum"... (I think, therefore I am).
I believe that my faith must be personal and my own.
I believe that faith is not blind.
I also believe in God and His presence in my life.
I believe that I am saved by grace and that it is all the more reason why I am responsible for my own actions, thoughts, and words.
I believe that I am responsible to humanity in what I do and who I am.
I believe that I am responsible to myself in what I do and who I am.
I believe that my life has purpose and that I have free will.
I also believe that God has seen my life and knows what I will do before I do it.
I believe that I am in a constant state of choice and that my life is the result of choice after countless choice and that my reality exists because I chose it.
However, I also believe that God planned my life and directs what I do.
I believe that He is the source of all things good and that He is omnipresent and omnipotent.
I believe His Son was sent to Earth to die for humanities sins and rise from the grave to demonstrate His ultimate power.
I believe in eternity and the reality of temporal existance.
I therefore believe that God always was, is, and will be.
I believe that God is Love.
I believe in the power of Love.
I believe in the sanctity and wholeness of Love.
I believe that I am called to Love.

As I reasoned in the first part, if nothing is above God, then it is impossible for Him to have been created, since whatever created Him would have to be higher than God, which I have already reasoned isn't possible. If God was never created, then He had no beginning. In a temporal world - where time moves and starts in one place and ends in another and where we are only conscious of the present - there is no such thing as no beginning. Only in an eternal world could something not begin and still exist. In an eternal world, all things are present and all things are past and future. Eternity has no beginning and no end. Since God is an eternal being, He will not end, just as He never began. Therefore, He always was, always is, and always will be.

I believe that the concept of eternity is real. I believe that because a temporal world, like the one we live in, cannot sustain itself forever (otherwise it too would be eternal), something has to exist that can sustain itself. That which can sustain itself must be eternal. If God is omnipotent, then His power never fades and since He is an eternal being, eternity must exist in order for this to be true. But what about the temporal world? How then does a temporal world exist? If God is omnipotent and eternal, then it is clearly within His power to create a temporal world for those subject to Him.

If God is an eternal, omnipresent, omnipotent being, that I am subject to, it stands to reason that everything that I have ever done, everything that I am doing now, and everything that I will do is present and known by God. If all is present to God, then I can believe that He preordains my life and gives me free will at the same time. Since all is present, I am allowed to make my choices of free will in the present while my past and future are decided already.

If I am only aware of the present, and I am given free will in the present of God's eternity, I am condemned to make choices (now for a little help from Jean-Paul Sartre). As Sartre would say, humanity must ultimately struggle with the "anguish of freedom" - the dispair of having complete free will to do whatever.

I'll have to finish up later... again... stay tuned for Part 3...

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