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In the process of doing a little bit of research, for work and personal, on a program called Trillian. So far it's pretty good. For those who may not know, Trillian is an all-in-one IM program. It allows you to use MSN, ICQ, AIM, Yahoo!, and mIRC all from the same program (which supposedly has no spyware). Aside from the pain of getting all the contacts from the three programs I use (four if you count Yahoo, which I haven't used a few years) all organized, it seems to be a good program. Using only one program instead of three will seriously reduce the amount of system resources I use. I don't like the skin very much, but I don't want to go loading another one, which would take up more memory.

My research will be to see how it works and if it brings up any conflicts with other programs. Hopefully, it'll work well and I'll be able to load it on to the workstudy computer in the computer lab.
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