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Jessica Meshell - Abadoss' Mind
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Wed, Sep. 29th, 2004 10:19 am
Jessica Meshell

Out of a spur of inspiration, I decided to pick up a copy of Jessica Meshell's CD. I haven't seen her for some time and it's interesting to hear her voice again. I'd nearly forgotten what she used to sound like. Not being a part of the project any more, it's a little easier to be a bit objective about what she sounds like. I can tell where I might have glossed over a couple things, but overall her voice is still pretty incredible.

Half of the songs are ones that Troy helped write, perform, and even record, so it brings back all the memories of that time. There's also several new songs which make the listening a bit interesting. Definitely a jog for my memory.

That time was fairly bittersweet. There was so much potential to go far, but as the project pushed closer to getting somewhere, it fell apart. It was partly artistic difference, difference in management, difference in direction, and poor communication. It's one of those situations where you wish that you'd signed a contract when you first started. By the end, things got heated (with influence from outside issues) and my brother and I went one way, and Jessica and her mom went another... and haven't met since.

I half wonder what it would be like if they actually had a reunion. Could they forget the past and just enjoy the time or would the stigma from it create the tone? For me personally, I don't know how it would be.

I was never really in the middle of it, I was always an observer (soundman/techie/roadie). I feel really bad for Jessica, though, because she always got stuck in the middle. She understood Troy's view, but she had to be loyal to her mom. It was also rough for her because the entire project was centered around her talent, so she couldn't step back, even if she wanted to. It wasn't as difficult for me, but I had to be loyal to Troy, since he's my brother and because I agreed with him on a lot of things. The mere fact that there had to be any loyalties at all was the destruction of it.

It does seem that Jessica has since picked up and is once again doing her thing. I hope that she's able to be successful at it and able to take it far. She has a great deal of talent and potential for a lot. I would be sorry to see it waste away. I pray for the best for her.

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Current Music: "That Heart of Yours" -Jessica Meshell