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Come Together Now...

Things are somewhat coming together finally... after several weeks of trying to pull the pin out of my door that made it automatically close, I've finally succeeded. My schedule is finally starting to congeal (though a bit is still left to determine). Speaking of which, I accidentally missed my Wednesday shift at work because I marked it as Thursday on my schedule. That problem was quickly fixed. Trying desperately to work out times for the 9/8 Times (Music Department Newsletter) Editorial Staff, Friday Arts Committee, and Safety Committee meetings. In addition, I'm taking 19 credits again, assistant directing for the play, working for the IS Department, taking vocal lessons, and getting counseling. Somewhere in all of that, I have to find time to do homework, get downtime, attempt a social life, and sleep.

Things that have yet to come together: Social life, building really close friendships, a decision about my commitment, finding a way to get people to respect Quiet Hours, my finances, my health, my weight, the mess in my room, and plenty more...

I don't really like being in this state of flux. According to my brother, I'm the most capable of our family to adapt to change, but, as I see it, I'm the one who resists it most. Although, in a lot of areas I really want change. I just wish I knew what I needed to do. I wish that God would come to me and say, "This is what you're doing because I said so," but it's doubtful that He'll do that any time soon. I suppose I'll just have to figure it out, like He probably wants me to do... oh, well...
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