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Um... Yeah... Why? - Abadoss' Mind
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Fri, Jun. 21st, 2002 04:23 pm
Um... Yeah... Why?

Well, looking at my profile someone would think that...

A: I'm psychotic. Or...

B: I've got too much time on my hands. Or...

C: I'm not real.

As everyone who has a livejournal account should know, there is a interests part on the profile page. This is what mine says:

acting, age of empires, aikedo, ambience, archery, art, art school, bach, band, baseball, bears, bo staff, board games, bouncer, card games, celtic, chemistry, chess, choir, christian alternative, christian comtemporary, civilization ii, classical, code of honor, community, composing, computer games, computers, cooking, dave matthews band, debussy, diana krall, diplomacy, dodgers, drawing, emotions, england, enigma, family, fantasy, favre, freestyle, friendship, geography, gin rummy, god, half-life, helping, high school, history, humor, intelligence, iona, ireland, jazz, jesus, john williams, journaling, judo, katana, kickboxing, lakers, latin, learning, life, lord of the rings, love, loyalty, martial arts, monopoly, movies, mozart, mp3s, music, nocturne, norway, novels, opera, orchestral, personality tests, philosophy, photography, piano, plumb, pod racer, poker, psychology, purity, quiet, ravel, reading, rebecca st. james, relationships, remixes, risk, roleplaying, rpgs, salmon, science, shadow run, simcity 3000, singing, soundtracks, south korea, spanish, sparring, star trek, star wars, starcraft, sting, storytelling, sushi, swimming, swing, tae kwan do, talking, teaching, teenager, television, the sims, theatre, tie fighter, trombone, uillean pipes, vampire: the masquerade, video games, vikings, vocal, voice acting, wales, website, worms armeggedon, wrestling, writing, x-wing

That's 135 different interests!!! How can someone like myself be that well-rounded?!?! It doesn't seem possible!

Oh, well.

Current Mood: amused amused
Current Music: "Thor Missiles" -William Stromberg