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Brain Power and Anthropology - Abadoss' Mind
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Thu, Sep. 23rd, 2004 07:29 am
Brain Power and Anthropology

Yesterday, I went to schedule my counseling sessions. While I was there, I also wanted to look into getting tested for learning disabilities, particularly with research. One thing that the lead counselor suggested is that I may be spending too much brain power on focusing my eyes. I've known that my eyes are pretty crappy (especially my right eye), but they work. I've not really considered that it would take extra brain power to get them to focus as I read. So, she suggested that I check out an optomologist before I go spending huge amounts of money on a learning disability test (which can cost anywhere from $80-$400).

So, I'll be starting back up with counseling on Monday with a lady named Brooke. I just hope that she has as much patience (or more) as Melissa did last year. I'm not exactly a typical client. I don't usually start talking until I'm asked a question or two, I intellectualize everything, and (much to the dismay of Melissa) I know more about psychology than I should. I am looking forward to getting going again. I think that any sane person should never pass up an opportunity for good counseling (Lord knows we all need it).

In the meantime, I'm really busy with classes and the play. I'm hoping that we finish the blocking tonight, so that I can go to the symphony on Monday with David, Tiffany, Craig, and whoever else is going. If not, I'll have to go on Sunday and I won't get to hang out with them.

Tuesday, I got to sit in on my mom's anthropology class. The professor, Dr. Lou Foltz, is an incredible teacher and I couldn't think of passing up that opportunity. I was able to learn a lot of things, many of which are very applicable to our society. One of the quotes that I jotted down was this one: "Human beings are symbol-mongers..." (Walker Percy). The quote was used in a slide that depicted the most internationally recognizable symbol in the world... that's right, Coca Cola.

Another thing that was mentioned (in relationship to the translation of icon, as in a religious icon) was that we don't look at things or people or hear words, we look through them or hear through the words. It's an interesting concept. After having sat in on the class, I'm much more likely to actually take the class.

The choir has a concert on Saturday for the grandfather of one of the students on campus (though he, himself, is in Oxford at the moment with the student exchange program). One song, I have absolutely and completely memorized, while the other is far from it. I'm a little concerned that I'm not going to remember parts of it by time the concert comes around. Hopefully, I'll pick it up by the end of the week (aka tomorrow).

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