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Absence... - Abadoss' Mind
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Sun, May. 9th, 2004 03:24 pm

For those who may be curious as to why there's a sudden lack of activity on my part, I will now explain what's going on. There is currently no electricity at my house, and probably won't be for a little bit seeing as how the electric bill is about $900. So, that's one reason...

Also, as I've posted before, in about nine days, I will be leaving for a two week choir tour in Germany (and a stop in the Netherlands).

Sorry for the inconvience, if my life is somewhat like entertainment to you (which I highly doubt).

Anyway, I may update from time to time as I have opportunities to use computers here and there.

Current Mood: frustrated frustrated
Current Music: "Sonata Pian'e Forte" -Gabrielli


Wed, May. 12th, 2004 09:47 pm (UTC)

you're right that its not entertaining...but it is interesting...
It's nice to know that someone I knew is going somewhere besides to someplace where they say "Would you like fries with that?" about every two minutes