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Free Verse - Abadoss' Mind
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Fri, Apr. 30th, 2004 09:36 pm
Free Verse

Understanding Strangers
By: Kenneth Edward Keyn

It's a wonder of human life that we should be so discomforted by strangers
You'd think with our understanding of the universe and the workings of the atoms, we'd have a little more understanding of others, too
But it really comes to a point when you really have to decide whether or not understanding is the basis of the life you live
Personally, I've lived a life dedicated to the pursuit of understanding
Personally, I've found it a bit lacking
I've found that understanding is only useful if you can make someone else understand
The only problem then becomes who will actually listen to you
I think that's how this whole idea of a stranger came into being
If we really break it down, every single one of us is a stranger to someone and everyone in the same breath
No one will ever know you completely (unless you believe in God, but even then, that's only one)
There is no way for anyone to know if you will actually listen or whether or not you're just going to pass them off as a lunatic
So if you take that and fast forward about a hundred generations or so, you get this complex pattern of behaviors based off of the simple premise that no one other than those that you've already talked to are going to listen to you
Thus, we get something called society, where everyone is given rules about who to talk to, so that you know you'll at least get some attention and those you should never talk to because they're going to mug you the moment you turn around
The weird problem that exists with in this little world of confusing and somewhat controdictory "society" is that the only reason people are the way they are is because the society which they created is now creating them and the values, behaviors, and personalities of which they live by
Such a strange and utterly pointless paradox
Why can't we be ourselves, make people listen to us, and not be offended if they don't care?
Is it such a big deal?
For some strange reason, it is, but then... that's because it's trying to find understanding where none exists and it's not actually being there for people and simply looking at where you are and who's around you
There's more to life than understanding, but we're all trying to understand why...

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