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Sex? - Abadoss' Mind
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Fri, Mar. 26th, 2004 03:58 pm

Something's been bothering me a bit lately. I suppose it's more than bothering me. I've just really begun to notice just how much it seems that sex has lost almost all it's sacredness. I personally believe that sex is something that should be between a husband and wife.

What I've noticed is that there's almost no shock in teenagers having sex any more, in some cases parents don't care, and in other cases some parents support it. I just feel like the value of sex has been shot to crap. It is like it's no more than kissing with a different part of the body. It seems sad that we're getting so close to a society that says, "I like you, let's go fuck."

I suppose what worries me the most is, what do I tell my future children. How do I raise them to truly value sex and not throw it away? What do I say to them when they know that everyone else is doing it? I can't simply hide them from the world because that would do more damage than good, but I don't know how I could willingly let them be exposed to that.

This world's gotten far too screwed up...

Unfortunately, I also believe that people have a right to do what they will and it's not my place to lay judgement upon them. I may not agree with what they do, but I still have to see and treat them as human beings. Because why should I try to remove the speck from their eyes when I might very well have a plank in mine.

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