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The Weekend and a Bit of Workplace Music Theory - Abadoss' Mind
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Mon, Mar. 1st, 2004 04:10 pm
The Weekend and a Bit of Workplace Music Theory

This last weekend, I went on the Spiritual Life retreat. It was pretty nice to away from everything for a short time. I must say that I enjoyed myself for the most part. I refound my pryo roots again while tending the fireplace for most of Saturday afternoon. Overall, it was good. I spent a lot of time processing as well, which was good.

I came back Sunday afternoon to a nearly empty room. It was really nice to be able to organize the room as I saw fit. So, the room's looking very open and I've taken the lower bunk (which during the day is set up like a day bed), which keeps me from having to climb up seven feet just to go to sleep with my face nearly in the ceiling. Everything is neat and organized and I don't feel so trapped in there anymore.

Anyway, as I got to work, I stopped in with my supervisor and had a conversation about how I can't print stuff from Finale anymore because my ex-roommate's printer is gone. That led into a conversation about some basic music theory. I ended up teaching him a little bit about time signatures and how different note values can sound the same in different time signatures and fun stuff like that. That eventually led into teaching him about key signatures and half steps and whole steps and what not. It was rather amusing. I have no intention of being a music teacher, but it felt pretty natural. It was kinda cool.

Well, I'm bored at work and just waiting for my shift to end, but I think today's been pretty good. I'm a little cheerier than I normally am.

Current Mood: cheerful cheerful
Current Music: "Piano Sonata K380" -Dominico Scarlatti